Soybean is an essential component in the manufacture of animal feed and human food. SPL can provide soybean in large quantities (on ships) or small quantities (in containers).


Corn has a wide use both in animal feed and as human food. The grain is considered the third most important cereal in the world, being a rich source of nutrients. The company can provide corn in large quantities (on ships) or small quantities (in containers).

Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is considered a standard protein source with many essential nutrients, widely used throughout the world for the manufacture of feed for all species and categories of animals because of its palatability and digestibility. SPL can provide soybean meal in large quantities (on ships) or small quantities (in containers).


E-Arts Brazil GmbH (“DPG COMEX”) is a genuine German Company that deals directly with the agricultural sector of the Brazilian economy. Established in Köln, the company operates in national and international environments working with soybean, soybean meal, corn, fertilizers and other agricultural commodities, and by exploring, with sustainability, the riches offered by the Brazilian soil.

Founded in the year of 2017 and directed by Gaspar Carlos Candioli and Clodomiro Pizani Colvara, DPG COMEX is actively working with countries such as China, Germany, Portugal and other countries of European Union,Asia, and Middle East.

The company’s mission is to empower farmers to grow quality crops, to provide reliable market and fair price for commodities, ensuring that the products attends to international standards, guarantying efficiently delivery to the end market.


Gaspar Candioli

Has graduation in Accounting and worked as CEO and Commercial Manager during the period of 1996– 2014 at companies of Agribusiness area, in intermediation of imports and exports of soybeans, corn, sugar, fertilizers, agricultural machinery.
Participation in trade fairs in China and Middle East, opening negotiations with the major soybean crushers in China. Last three years: working at SPL COMÉRCIO E EXPORTAÇÕES LTDA. as CEO of the company.
Founding Partner of E-Artz Brazil GmbH, of Köln, Germany.

Clodomiro Pizani Colvara

Has graduation in Electrical Engineering and is founding Partner of AMC Equipamentos Ltda., Brazilian Industrial Company created to manufacture sensors and components with application at great depths or altitudes, parts for the Metal-Mechanics branch and equipment for efficient use of power generation and renewable energy systems.
PIZANI has great experience in design, calculation and procedures for manufacturing electronic circuits and microcontrollers and project management and in international business.
Founding Partner of E-Artz Brazil GmbH, of Köln, Germany.